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Dr. Eileen West: Raising The Standard of Care for Women

Raising the standard of healthcare for women is at the core of what we do at Eileen West, MD and Associates. Our passion and efforts on behalf of women’s health equality forge a new conversation about the right care for women. We don’t leave women’s healthcare to chance, and we strive to narrow the gap in care. 

Why is such personalized care needed?

It is well established that many of the healthcare needs of women remain unmet. Our model gives us the time and opportunity to focus on the unique and often complex health needs of women.

Even primary care providers who want to provide comprehensive women’s health find themselves penalized in high volume, insurance-based practices where the number of office visits per day reaches 25+. And, unfortunately, even in concierge practices where appointments are extended, women’s health needs are often unmet as many physicians do not have the training to so.

Part of the Ms.Medicine Network of Providers

I am part of a network of Ms.Medicine primary care providers, offering comprehensive, evidence-based, personalized care through an innovative concierge medicine model. (And though the Ms.Medicine model was created to meet the complex health needs of women, I am happy to see men in my practice, as well.)

My practice is distinct from and different than anti-aging, aesthetic, hormone center practices. We believe in safe, effective and evidence-based care designed for every stage of a woman’s life. Best practices, evidence-based approaches and exceptional care: The core of our practice.

Interested in becoming a patient
of Eileen West, MD and Associates?